November 5, 2021 – Seven Midwest governors sent a letter to the Environmental Protection  Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan inquiring about the steps necessary to implement a  state-level solution to ensure E15 can be sold all year long. The Governors’ letter requests for  guidance from Administrator Regan on how their states can end the E10 volatility waiver, under  the Clean Air Act (CAA). This change would allow gasoline blendstocks to be used to produce  either E10 or E15 year-round. Erik Huschitt President of the Wisconsin BioFuels Association  (WBFA) made this statement:  

“Governor Evers and his administration has once again shown their support for the  ethanol and biodiesel industries, as well as the consumers of our state by signing onto  this letter. This is a bipartisan solution that will allow access to E15 on a year-round  basis. It’s unfortunate the recent D.C. Circuit Court decision overturned the EPA’s 2019  regulation that finally facilitated this year-round sale of this cleaner economical blend.  We are confident Governor Evers knows how essential it is to keep the Wisconsin consumer and agriculture industry strong and will do all he can to ensure E15 can  continue to be sold all year long here.”  

Congress or the EPA needs to take action to preserve nationwide access to E15. WBFA hopes  this bipartisan letter from the Governors of the major ethanol and biodiesel producing states will  influence the necessary measures that must be taken on this timely issue. WBFA stands with all  the Midwest states dedicated to providing consumers with a low-cost clean fuel alternative.  

View the Governors’ letter here.  

Learn more about the state-level solution for E15 here. 

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