Budget decisions made by lawmakers have an enormous potential to help or harm the well-being of Wisconsin families and communities.

We know that following the budget process is time-consuming and a lot to take in. That’s why we’ve carefully reviewed the budget proposed by Governor Evers, and prepared summaries that explain in plain language what the budget means for schoolchildrentaxpayers, and anyone who wants to make sure that Wisconsin residents stay healthy.

Here’s what we found:

  • K-12 education: Governor Evers has proposed a budget that significantly increases support for Wisconsin’s public schools, targets additional resources at identified needs, promotes racial equity, and limits the amount of public money that goes to private schools. Read more.
  • Taxes: The Governor’s budget proposes significant changes in tax policy, including closing income tax loopholes that favor the rich and powerful, and increasing tax credits for low-income households. These changes enable the budget to make large investments that will improve our state’s long-term prosperity, while also creating a tax system that provides a more level playing field for Wisconsin businesses and individuals. Read more.
  • Health care: Governor Evers has proposed an ambitious budget for health care that increases access to care and coverage by expanding BadgerCare, increases funding for hospitals and other providers, invests in maternal and infant health and health equity, and provides more support for public health. Read more and watch our one-minute video on why expanding BadgerCare is a win-win for all Wisconsin residents.

Go to our 2021-23 budget page for these summaries as well as links to other resources, including a guide on how Wisconsin gets and spends its public resources, an agenda for creating a path to an equitable economy, and a recording of a webinar on how the Governor’s budget would expand racial equity.

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