On Thursday, March 18, the Wisconsin Assembly’s Committee on Education will vote on Assembly Bill 59. Assembly Bill 59 increases the income threshold for parents who want to enroll in Wisconsin’s Parental Choice program to 300% of the federal poverty level, or about $78,000 a-year for a family of four.
Is a family of four making 300% of the federal poverty level too “rich” for a voucher? No!
The current income threshold level, 220% of the federal poverty level, is only $56,650+ a $7,000 marriage bonus for a family of 4.

At this current level, essential workers such as a nurse, an educator or a police officer with a stay at home spouse could be disqualified from eligibility based on their income. Very few would argue that they are considered “rich.” Essential workers are celebrated as heroes, and yet they could be disqualified from equal education options for their family.

Using a conservative estimated annual budget, it is easy to see how private tuition is nearly unattainable for working families:

Two married educators with two children, making the minimum average entry-level salary of $35,893, would barely qualify for the 300% income cap.

As shown on the left, this family has less than $484 per month in expendable income. Even with a strict budget, very few families can afford private tuition.

Hard working, middle class families across the state deserve the best educational opportunity for their children just the same as those in Milwaukee and Racine do.

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