Milwaukee, Wisc. August 17, 2021 – A recent survey conducted by the Remington Research Group of likely Democratic primary voters in Milwaukee found that a majority do not oppose school choice.

According to the survey, 51% of voters said they either support the voucher program or are unsure. Even in this small segment of hyper partisan voters, there is not a majority opposition to the voucher program.

“Democratic candidates should not ignore or run away from the fact that their constituents support school choice,” said Justin Moralez, Wisconsin Federation for Children State Director. “A strong, growing segment support school choice.”

Among historically marginalized groups, support for school choice is even higher. Among Black primary voters surveyed, 52% responded that they support the voucher program.

This high support reflects the number of minority students who are beneficiaries of the choice program. State data shows that, in predominantly African American school areas, 51% attend choice or charter schools.

“When politicians state that they want to limit or eliminate the voucher program, they are really hurting these historically marginalized students,” said Moralez.

For more information about the survey, click here.

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