MADISON, WI (April 12, 2021) — The United States has enacted a large COVID relief package — and now attention has turned to a newly proposed infrastructure plan that includes more than $2 trillion in spending over the coming decade. What does this economic stimulus package include? What impact might it have on jobs, GDP growth, productivity, and the distribution of income? What are the inflation risks? How will we pay for this new spending with debt and taxes? How does this economic stimulus plan compare to others we’ve seen throughout history — and what have we learned from the past?

A panel of experts will discuss the current economic stimulus plan and how it may affect our economy during the next UW Now Livestream. The talk will be moderated by Mike Knetter, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.

Featured guests:

Dana Peterson is the chief economist and center leader of economy, strategy, and finance at The Conference Board. Peterson’s research covers rates, equities, credit, foreign exchange, commodities, political analysis, and asset allocation, and it has been featured by U.S. and international news outlets, both in print and broadcast. Previously, Peterson worked for Citibank, where she served as a North America economist and a global economist. She has also worked at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC.

Kim Ruhl is an associate professor of economics and the Mary Sue and Mike Shannon Chair in Economics. He is also associate director of the Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy. Ruhl’s research focuses on international economics, models of firm heterogeneity, and national income accounting. He is currently a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a special sworn employee of the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, where he studies the ways that multinational firms produce and sell goods and services around the world.

When: Tuesday, April 13, at 7 p.m. CDT

Where: The UW Now Livestream:

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