Madison- State Representatives Tyler Vorpagel (R-Plymouth) and Terry Katsma (R-Oostburg) announced City of Sheboygan Police Officer Alicia Rotier as the 2021 recipient of the First Responder of the Year Award for the 26th and 27th Assembly Districts.


Officer Rotier is in her fourth year with the Sheboygan Police Department and was nominated for this award by Chief of Police Christopher Domagalski. Over the past year, Officer Rotier responded to several critical incidents in the community in which her quick thinking, competence, and leadership played a key role in achieving positive outcomes and saving lives.


“I am proud to recognize Officer Rotier and thank her for her dedication to protecting our community,” said Rep. Vorpagel. “During her time with the Sheboygan Police Department, her consistent leadership and decisive action have saved lives. She is thoroughly deserving of this award today.”


One such example of Officer Rotier’s live-saving action occurred earlier this year. Upon arriving at a crash scene, she located the victim and immediately did an assessment of the victim’s injuries, determining there were numerous broken bones with an arm completely severed and bleeding profusely. Officer Rotier calmly directed her trainee to assist in holding the victim’s head to prevent injury and placed a tourniquet on the arm. After placing the tourniquet, the victim came to and began struggling out of shock and pain. Officer Rotier was able to calm the victim until they became unconscious.  While monitoring the victim and awaiting the arrival of emergency medical services, the victim stopped breathing and/or did not have a pulse several times. Each time Officer Rotier calmly performed CPR on the victim until she was able to reestablish a pulse and breathing, saving their life.


“I am honored to stand with Officer Rotier today as she accepts this well-deserved award for her heroic service to the people of Sheboygan,” said Rep. Katsma. “I applaud all she has done for her community, family, and the State of Wisconsin.”


Officer Rotier, her family, and guests joined Representatives Vorpagel and Katsma at the State Capitol for a formal recognition and presentation of a legislative citation during the Assembly Floor Session.

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