MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin Voices praises Governor Evers’ continued dedication to a fair, nonpartisan redistricting process that will ensure the drawing of new congressional district maps will reflect Wisconsin’s diverse and vibrant communities, rather than the interests of politicians seeking to hold onto power. Gov. Evers gave an update on the work of the People’s Maps Commission during his State of the State speech this evening.


“The maps that will result from the work of the People’s Maps Commission will reflect the will of the people of Wisconsin,” said Carlene Bechen, statewide Fair Maps Organizer for Wisconsin Voices. “Created through a transparent process with input from people all across the state, these maps will not be created to benefit one party or the other, but rather desires of the people of Wisconsin.”


As the Governor noted, 55 counties, representing nearly 83% of Wisconsinites, have now passed resolutions supporting nonpartisan redistricting. For the past several months the People’s Maps Commission, selected by a panel of three retired judges, has been holding virtual hearings in every congressional district to hear feedback and  input from people across Wisconsin. “We strongly urge the State Legislature to stop ignoring the overwhelming majority of their constituents,” said Bechen. “Take up The People’s Maps.”


For more information on how to get involved in the redistricting process, visit

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