Madison, Wis. — The Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s state convention is putting a spotlight on Ron Johnson’s failure to represent the Badger state as he continues to vote against his constituents best interests.

“Ron Johnson is the most vulnerable Senator in the country because he has continuously put his self-interests ahead of the needs of Wisconsinites,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman said. “As Wisconsin families were struggling to pay their bills, Johnson voted against critical COVID relief in the American Rescue Plan. And now he’s working overtime to kill the US Innovation and Competition Act — legislation that would invest in the state’s communities and create good paying jobs while holding China accountable for their unjust cybersecurity and economic practices. Wisconsinites are more than ready to deny Johnson another six years of his self-serving agenda.”


  • Johnson is just one of a handful of senators opposing the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which would allocate billions of dollars for the manufacturing sector and technical training, an investment Wisconsin could use to create good paying jobs and support local economies, as well as hold China accountable for their unfair cybersecurity and economic practices and.
  • Johnson voted against the American Rescue Plan, standing against much needed support for small businesses, aid for Wisconsinites struggling to pay their bills due to the pandemic, and bolstering communities fighting to rebuild their economies.
  • Johnson has repeatedly tried to strip health care coverage from roughly 185,000 Wisconsinites and take away critical protections for nearly 900,000 Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions.
  • Johnson cast the deciding vote on the GOP’s 2017 tax bill—which drove up the deficit by nearly $2 trillion in exchange for billions in tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and giant corporations—and he even fought to amend the bill to include a special tax break for companies like the one he owned.
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