MADISON Wis. — Friday, La Crosse families watching the evening news heard from residents in Campbell, Wisconsin, who are supporting President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. The deal invests $55 billion in clean drinking water, an invaluable resource for families in Campbell and across the state.

Key Points:

But Campbell resident Peter Davison is hoping that the bipartisan infrastructure bill will bring safe, clean water back to his home.

“To be able to do it again, to drink water out of the tap, to drink water out of the hose, to know all of my neighbors in my community have clean water again, would mean a lot, ” Davison said.

540 private wells, including Davison’s, have tested positive for PFAS — a group of man-made compounds that have been linked to infertility, thyroid disease and cancer.


“So my children are only 18 months old so the big challenge we have is you can’t drink the bathwater, when we play outside in the sprinkler or play outside in the water table or fill the pool up, you can’t drink that water,” said Davison.


Town Supervisor Lee Donahue said some of that money could be used to pipe clean water to everyone in town.

“At least it gives us hope that the money is going to be available because we are moving forward with plans for the future. We can’t just sit around and wait for safe drinking water to fall out of the sky,” Donahue said.

This would help communities nationwide, not just Campbell, she said.

“In the community of Wisconsin, we have more than 50 communities that are now facing PFAS contamination in their wells which means the water, depending on their levels is unsafe to drink.”

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