MADISON, Wis. — Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler, state Rep. Sara Rodriguez, and WisDems Vice Chair and County Supervisor Felesia Martin held a press conference call to discuss Rebecca Kleefisch’s campaign announcement.

As former Governor Scott Walker’s lieutenant governor, Kleefisch championed a far-right agenda that deeply hurt Wisconsinites – including opposing affordable health care expansion, slashing rights for Wisconsin workers, and gutting funding for public education. Over the years, Kleefisch has fully embraced radical extremism – spreading disinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines, buying into conspiracy theories about the election, and using inflammatory rhetoric that doesn’t represent Wisconsin’s values.

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WisDems Chair Ben Wikler said: “Rebecca Kleefisch is radically wrong for Wisconsin. As Scott Walker’s lieutenant governor, Kleefisch championed a far-right agenda that deeply hurt Wisconsinites. She opposed affordable health care expansion, supported disastrous cuts to transportation funding, gutted funding for public education, and rejected much-needed federal funding for partisan reasons. We can’t let Rebecca Kleefisch bring her radical agenda to our state and roll back the progress made by Gov. Evers.”

Rep. Sara Rodriguez said, “Our state needs steady leadership. But in a crisis, we know Rebecca Kleefisch would be reckless, and would ignore the facts in front of her. We know this because Kleefisch did not take COVID-19 seriously. We need a governor who puts public health first, and understands that health care should be accessible, affordable, and high-quality.”

WisDems Vice Chair and County Supervisor Felesia Martin said, “We know that Rebecca Kleefisch is not good for Wisconsin because we’ve seen her in action before. We can’t look back. In the last several elections, Wisconsinites have sent us a message: we are ready to move forward to build our economy and to strengthen our public education. Governor Evers understands that we need to invest in our children at every step, and to support our working families. On COVID-19, he’s shown good, responsible leadership, taken his lead from health care professionals, and let the experts guide the way, saving lives. We’re going to make sure that everyone in Wisconsin remembers why Rebecca Kleefisch is too radical for Wisconsin, and we’re energized and excited to re-elect Gov. Evers.”

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