Madison, Wis., Yesterday, a new report highlighted how Senator Ron Johnson, who made hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2017, paid the same amount in taxes as a Wisconsin family with a taxable income of $40,000. In response, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:


“It’s simple: struggling Wisconsin families, whom Ron Johnson tried to stop from getting much needed COVID relief and a family tax cut, should not be paying more in taxes than Ron Johnson himself. Johnson rigged the tax system to benefit himself and his biggest donors. Ron Johnson owes it to every Wisconsinite to stop his shady dealings, come clean about his self-serving antics, and end his opposition to the Build Back Better plan that would help address the unfairness in our tax system and give a break to working families.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson has gamed the system to enrich himself. Following his 2010 campaign, where he loaned himself nearly $9 million, Johnson had his company PACUR pay him $10 million in what he called “deferred compensation.” More recently, Johnson changed the 2017 GOP tax scam bill that benefitted himself and his biggest campaign donors to the tune of over $200 million dollars in a single year.

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