May 28, 2021

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ICYMI: Conservatives Criticize Robin Vos’s “Delusional” Election Investigation Into Non-Existent Voter Fraud


 “The Robin Vos’s of the party are the ones killing democracy.”

MADISON, Wis. — On MSNBC yesterday, conservative commentators Charlie Sykes and Michael Steele had a few words for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and his democracy-killing investigation into the 2020 election. Just days after the Associated Press reported Wisconsin only saw 27 possible cases of voter fraud out of 3 million votes (a rate of about 0.0009%), Vos announced he was leading an investigation into the 2020 election, with no regard for the cost to taxpayers.


Sykes and Steele went after Vos for damaging our democracy and undermining confidence in our elections, all to get attention and rile up his base. Bulwark editor Charlie Sykes said of Vos, “He thinks he needs to throw some chum to the base, and that’s what he’s doing. […] This is one of those cases where guys like Robin Vos know exactly what happened here, and yet he’s going to feed the beast.”


Sykes also took aim at Republican-led state legislatures across the country, including Wisconsin, who are passing voter suppression laws under the guise of integrity. Wisconsin Republicans recently passed several laws limiting absentee voting, sparking backlash from the disability community, and have introduced at least fourteen bills overall seeking to undermine voter rights.


Sykes said, “That is what Republican politics is all about – passing legislation under the assumption that the election was stolen. […] The damage this has done to our confidence in American democracy is profound and it’s going to be very long lasting.” MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace added, “The Robin Vos’s of the party are the ones killing democracy.”


Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele called Vos’s pursuit of the Big Lie and his investigation a “political machination to get Democrats” rather than an actual policy goal.


In addition to attacks from conservatives, Vos was also roundly criticized in the Washington Post by analyst Philip Bump, who said, “This is the wrong approach for uprooting the false belief that the November election was tainted in any significant way by fraud, or that elections in general were fraudulent. In fact, all it will do is reinforce those concerns, making them harder to address in the future.”


Watch the full clip from MSNBC here.


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