Today, the Democratic National Committee is unveiling a new billboard in Milwaukee thanking President Biden and Senator Baldwin for providing direct payments and resources to reopen schools and distribute vaccines, and calling out Senator Johnson for opposing the American Rescue Plan. By voting against the American Rescue Plan, Senator Johnson rejected direct payments of up to $1,400 for 89% of Wisconsin’s adult population and 88% of children, including more than 3.8 million adults and 1.3 million children.


This billboard is located on the east side of I-94, just north of Rawson Avenue. It will be up for one month.


“Folks in Milwaukee and senators traveling home won’t be able to miss this message: Help is here thanks to President Biden and Senator Baldwin — but if it were up to Senator Johnson, Wisconsinites wouldn’t be seeing any of the much-needed relief the American Rescue Plan is delivering,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “Democrats like Senator Baldwin passed this relief package, which is already providing Wisconsinites with direct payments and resources to help manufacture and distribute vaccines, because they knew help couldn’t wait. Now, we’re making sure every Wisconsinite knows it’s no thanks to Senator Johnson.”


This billboard is the latest step the DNC has taken to make sure Americans know help is here with President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. On Friday, the DNC launched a daylong digital advertising campaign taking over the homepage of the Wisconsin State Journal to thank Senator Tammy Baldwin for delivering needed relief to Americans by passing the American Rescue Plan. And in March, a digital billboard and TV ad went up in Milwaukee, highlighting how President Biden and Wisconsin Democrats have delivered real, tangible results for Wisconsinites and their families by making the American Rescue Plan a reality, while Republicans like Senator Johnson stood in the way.


An image of the graphic and the billboard are below:


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