August 16, 2021

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Fake COVID Cure Pusher Jeff Colyer Endorses Rebecca Kleefisch for Governor at RGA Candidate Event

MADISON, Wis. —  Last week, former Kansas governor and COVID-19 misinformation spreader Jeff Colyer proudly endorsed Rebecca Kleefisch for Wisconsin governor. He jumped the gun a little – Kleefisch is trying to stave off scrutiny and financial transparency for as long as possible by running a shadow campaign through her nonprofit organization, the 1848 Project.


Kleefisch palled around with Colyer and other notoriously bad leaders on the pandemic such as Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee at a Republican Governors Association conference. Colyer is known for pushing hydroxychloroquine on Fox News, even after it was deemed unsafe by the FDA, and blatantly ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic in his role as the Trump administration’s rural health advisor. Lee has pushed back against encouraging life-saving vaccines as COVID-19 cases soar in his state. And yesterday, Reeves equated COVID-19 in kids to the “sniffles.”


More than 1,000 children in Mississippi have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of school as the Delta variant surges, and according to Reeves’ own health experts, at least five children have died. The New York Times reports there are more COVID-19 cases in Mississippi now than at any other point during the pandemic.


Kleefisch shares her GOP friends’ radical, anti-science views on COVID-19. She has been reckless when it comes to the pandemic – promoting anti-vaccine posts onlinesupporting bogus treatments for COVID-19, and attending and promoting potential super spreader events. She has also failed to encourage Wisconsinites to get the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine, even as former Wisconsin Govs. Scott Walker and Jim Doyle encouraged vaccines through a bipartisan PSA.


Marquette University Law School Poll last week showed the majority of Wisconsinites approve of Gov. Evers’ common-sense, science-based approach to COVID-19.


“A rousing endorsement from a glorified snake oil salesman is probably not the campaign kick off Rebecca Kleefisch was hoping for – but that’s what you get for aligning yourself with conspiracy theorists,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “It’s no wonder Kleefisch had so much ‘fun’ getting together with her out-of-state RGA friends – they all hold the same radical views on COVID-19 and have refused to encourage life-saving vaccines. Does Rebecca Kleefisch want to turn Wisconsin into Mississippi, and further erode any progress Wisconsinites have worked so hard to make on ending the pandemic?”

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