June 8, 2021

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Far-Right Extremist and Failed Candidate Derrick Van Orden Must Answer: Will Trump be Reinstated as President in August?

New York Times: Derrick Van Orden “did not disagree with G.O.P. lawmakers’ effort to overturn the presidential election results”

Madison, Wis. — A new report is highlighting failed candidate Derrick Van Orden for his role in “pushing Trump’s baseless claims that he was robbed of re-election” and “defending his attendance at the Jan. 6 rally near the Capitol” which resulted in a deadly insurrection.

And this isn’t the first time Van Orden has come into the spotlight for this out-of-touch and extreme record. Van Orden is also known for casting doubt on the results of his own election, making anti-Semitic slights and even touting his own history of sexual harassment and abuse of female military officers in his 2015 book.

Now as Trump spreads his latest baseless conspiracy that he’ll be reinstated in August, Van Orden must answer — does he believe Trump should be reinstated as President?

“Derrick Van Orden’s continued promotion of baseless conspiracies makes clear exactly who he is – a far-right extremist who has no business representing Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Nellie Sires.



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