MADISON, Wis. — The Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed an ethics complaint against Rebecca Kleefisch with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission for multiple violations of campaign finance laws.


Last week, Kleefisch filed to run for governor, formally creating the candidate committee “People for Rebecca,” while still operating her organization Rebecca PAC. Rebecca PAC continues to promote Kleefisch’s candidacy through paid ads, email fundraising, and other advocacy efforts to support Kleefisch’s candidacy for governor. The two organizations are so entangled that a new fundraising page launched for her campaign committee features the Rebecca PAC logo, the groups share the same treasurer, and campaign filings include the Rebecca PAC domain name.


This is a clear violation of Wisconsin law. Not only is a candidate only allowed to operate one candidate committee, it’s possible Rebecca PAC expenditures have already exceeded contribution limits to her campaign committee.


Click here to read the full complaint.


“Rebecca Kleefisch has been campaigning for governor since last year – so she knows the rules, she just doesn’t think they apply to her,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Interim Executive Director Devin Remiker. “Kleefisch is trying to gain an unfair advantage because she knows she won’t win the governor’s race on the issues. As lieutenant governor, Kleefisch championed harmful policies like defunding public education, ending protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and giving away taxpayer funds to foreign corporations. An extra candidate committee won’t be able to cover up her radical record – but Kleefisch violated campaign finance law, and the ethics commission should take appropriate action.”


There has also been an IRS complaint filed against Kleefisch’s “non-profit” the 1848 Project. The 1848 Project was nothing more than a front for her campaign for governor, as evidenced by her hiring Republican political operatives for key posts and her recent release of a campaign platform.

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