Madison, Wis. — As Ron Johnson continues to discourage people from getting vaccinated and spreads dangerous misinformation about unproven alternative treatments for COVID, a new article from CNN shows just how craven his self-serving political games are. See more below:


CNN: Ron Johnson said last fall that undermining the Covid vaccine “will cause people’s deaths.” Now he spreads anti-vaccine misinformation


Republican Sen. Ron Johnson has repeatedly spread anti-vaccine misinformation. But just last year, the Wisconsin senator attacked Democrats on the issue, saying that undermining confidence in a vaccine for Covid-19 would cost deaths.


Johnson made his comments in October 2020 on Wisconsin local radio when discussing the vice presidential debate between then-Vice President Mike Pence and then-Sen. Kamala Harris.




[RON JOHNSON]: “if you are out there undermining that [getting vaccinated] possibility, that will cause people’s deaths.”


Johnson has been the subject of repeated fact checks from CNN’s fact checking team over misinformation he has spread throughout the pandemic. He has falsely suggested the Covid vaccine has caused thousands of deaths and has argued against the campaign to vaccinate most Americans.



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