Last week, two new national polls showed that President Joe Biden’s economic agenda, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework supported by Democrats and Republicans in Congress, remains wildly popular among voters of all backgrounds and political ideologies.

In fact, new polling from Navigator Research, The Associated Press, and CBS News found that the vast majority of Americans support increasing infrastructure spending to repair the nation’s roads and bridges, expand broadband access, and improve pipes—provisions of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework that would significantly benefit Wisconsin communities.

Here’s the latest polling that shows how popular President Biden’s infrastructure agenda is with voters:

From Navigator: “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework has broad support across race and party. 66 percent of Americans support ‘President Biden and a bipartisan group of Senators passing a new infrastructure plan to improve roads and bridges, expand power infrastructure, increase passenger and rail access, expand broadband access, and improve water infrastructure,’ including 86 percent of Democrats, 59 percent of Independents, and nearly half of Republicans (46 percent).”

From the Associated Press: “The overwhelming majority of Americans—about 8 in 10—favor plans to increase funding for roads, bridges and ports and for pipes that supply drinking water… Most Americans approve of how President Joe Biden is handling infrastructure and there is strong bipartisan support to include road, bridge, and port improvement and clean drinking water to the infrastructure bill being considered in Congress. Funding eldercare and affordable housing are also popular with the public.”

From CBS News: “Looking ahead, there’s support for even more spending in the form of some of the larger proposals being advocated by President Biden and Democrats in Congress. Most approve overall of the administration’s infrastructure proposal, and there is even greater approval specifically for spending additional federal money to build or repair U.S. roads and bridges, putting broadband internet in rural areas, and paying for child care and care for the elderly.”

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