Madison, Wis. — Today, the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau released its election audit, and as recountscourt cases, and Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security have already proven, the LAB found the 2020 election was “safe and secure.” But facts don’t matter to Republicans, who refuse to accept their election loss and are grasping at anything and everything to tear down our democracy and tighten their loosening grip on political power.


Despite the overwhelming evidence that the election was fair and secure, Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch still insisted on “changes in how we run elections,” and complained about the Wisconsin Elections Commission — a commission she helped create. The Walker-Kleefisch administration formed the WEC to further Republicans’ control over election law in Wisconsin, shutting down a nonpartisan agency that had begun investigating Walker for campaign finance violations.


Kleefisch has endorsed the Big Lie, pledged to sign a series of bills that would make it harder for Wisconsinites to vote, refused to rule out allowing the Republican state legislature to overturn election results should they not like the outcome of elections, and expressed her support for wasting nearly $700,000 dollars on a partisan audit run by GOP-appointed Special Counsel Michael Gableman — foreshadowing what a radical Republican governorship could look like in Wisconsin.


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:


“The Legislative Audit Bureau’s report, which was requested by Republicans, is yet another demonstration that there was no widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. On top of the LAB’s findings, a recount, countless court cases, and a report from Trump’s own Homeland Security all showed our election was safe and secure. Nothing will ever be enough proof for the Republican Party because they’re not after election integrity, they’re after political power. Wisconsin is a true battleground state, and Republicans know their best shot at retaking power in Washington is to flip the state in their favor.


“This didn’t start in 2020 — it started years ago with the Walker-Kleefisch administration, diluting the voting power of Wisconsinites with gerrymandered maps and stringent voter suppression laws. Kleefisch has never defended the democratic process, and she’s made it clear that if she becomes governor, she will sign legislation that makes it more difficult for Wisconsinites to register to vote and cast their ballot. Kleefisch might even go further than that — she hasn’t ruled out allowing the legislature to overturn a future election, regardless of how Wisconsinites vote. That’s not leadership, and it’s certainly not a democracy.


“Governor Evers is the only thing standing in the way of these baseless attacks on our democracy. He is committed to accessible, fair, and secure elections, and will veto any legislation that makes it more difficult for voters to participate in the democratic process. We must re-elect Gov. Evers in 2022 — he’s our last line of defense.”

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