MADISON, Wis. — As the country braces at the threat of yet another round of violent protests defending the actions of insurrectionists who ransacked the Capitol on January 6th, open questions remain about Derrick Van Orden’s participation in the deadly attack on our democracy — including from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

In response, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Interim Executive Director Devin Remiker issued the following statement:

“Derrick Van Orden has repeatedly lied about his involvement in the deadly January 6th insurrection. He was on the Capitol grounds and watched the attack on our democracy as entertainment. Not only that, he appears to have misused campaign funds to bankroll his travel to D.C. Now, as another round of potentially dangerous protests are planned, Wisconsinites are still waiting on Van Orden to answer for his involvement in the insurrection. As questions continue to swirl around Van Orden, one thing remains clear: he is unfit to serve in Congress.”

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