Kleefisch: “They started a website called RadicalRebecca.com… Most of which is actually very, very, reasonable.”

Madison, Wis. — Over the weekend, Rebecca Kleefisch doubled down on her radical agenda for the state of Wisconsin, calling her hurtful policies as listed on WisDems’ RadicalRebecca.com microsite “very, very, reasonable.”

Kleefisch then complained about WisDems’ videos holding her accountable — which is why WisDems is releasing another video outlining her “very reasonable” record and endorsement of RadicalRebecca.com.

Watch the video here.

The record Kleefisch calls “very, very, reasonable” includes:

  • Pushing anti-vaccine propaganda and false cures for COVID-19;
  • Supporting the wealthy and helping big corporations get ahead;
  • Praised the GOP tax bill that delivered tax breaks to those at the top;
  • Negotiating the disastrous Foxconn deal;
  • Holding intolerant views on the LGBTQ community that have no place in Wisconsin;
  • Blocking federal aid meant for broadband expansion;
  • And defunding transportation and infrastructure, leaving Wisconsin’s roads in dangerously bad condition.

In addition to endorsing RadicalRebecca.com, at that same event, Kleefisch suggested hiring “mercenaries” to work the polls and reiterated her plan to sign voter suppression bills into law should she become governor.

“Radical Rebecca’s extreme agenda is anything but reasonable,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “Kleefisch refuses to take public health seriously, supports defunding public schools, broadband, and infrastructure, and won’t rule out allowing state legislators to overturn the results of a democratic election. She can’t be trusted to make the right decisions for Wisconsin.”

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