MADISON, Wis. — Mere hours after releasing a policy “manifesto” from her “nonprofit” the 1848 Project, it was revealed that Rebecca Kleefisch filed paperwork to run for governor in 2022.

If there was any doubt left about her intentions, Kleefisch made it clear today that she’s running for governor, and she’s been using the 1848 Project to hide her donors, abuse the tax code, and avoid the scrutiny that comes from being an announced candidate. An IRS complaint was filed against the 1848 Project earlier this year.

“Rebecca Kleefisch has a campaign platform, a campaign committee masquerading as a nonprofit, and the paperwork filed to be an actual candidate – the only thing missing is her actual announcement,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “Kleefisch is bending over backwards to avoid announcing her candidacy because she knows her far-right agenda won’t stand up to scrutiny. When is Rebecca Kleefisch going to finish this awkward campaign rollout and start answering for her disastrous record?”

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