MADISON, Wis. — Rebecca Kleefisch capped off the week by refusing to rule out overturning the results of a democratic election if she were governor in 2024.

Kleefisch told WKOW’s Capital City Sunday that it was “awfully premature” to rule out signing a bill that would give the legislature the authority to overturn the popular vote in a statewide election.

Click here to watch the video of Kleefisch’s response

This isn’t the first time Kleefisch has refused to stand up for the democratic process. She has already pledged to sign a series of bills that would make it harder for Wisconsinites, particularly seniors and those living with disabilities, to register to vote or cast their ballots. Kleefisch also supports the Republican-led sham “investigation” despite multiple reports showing Wisconsin’s 2020 election was fair and secure.

Republicans in the legislature previously joined a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election results – foreshadowing what a radical Republican governorship could look like in Wisconsin.

“Rebecca Kleefisch is refusing to answer this question because she knows Wisconsinites won’t stand for her radical agenda,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “It’s not ‘awfully premature’ – it’s a pretty simple question: does Rebecca Kleefisch want to give the Republican legislature the power to override the will of the people?”

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