MADISON, Wis. — It’s been a brutal week for Rebecca Kleefisch’s gubernatorial campaign as her hopes for a smooth primary have all but disappeared.

Kleefisch’s rough week started over the weekend when she doubled down on her radical agenda, calling her hurtful policies as listed on WisDems’ microsite “very, very, reasonable.” Kleefisch’s disastrous record and endorsement of the WisDems website has been highlighted in our latest video.

On Tuesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel exposed Kleefisch’s suggested strategy for the upcoming election, including a plan to “hire mercenaries” and find “laundry bags full of ballots.” Kleefisch didn’t want her secret plan to become public, saying, “if you are recording, I don’t want you to put this part online to share with Democrats, OK? It is about election strategy.”

Kleefisch’s comments even prompted Kevin Nicholson to take a break from deciding which office he wants to run for and launch his own attack on Kleefisch, saying her election strategy is “as dumb as a bag of hammers.”

Kleefisch’s rough week continued with reports surfacing that GOP rivals Eric Hovde and John Macco are teaming up to see which one should jump into the race against her. According to Macco, both Reince Preibus and lobbyist Bill McCoshen are helping in efforts to recruit a challenger to Kleefisch.

Then on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that Kleefisch made abhorrent comments saying she would “love” for school board members to face death threats, harassment, and intimidation.

All of this chaos comes as disgraced ex-President Donald Trump looms over the GOP primary. After publicly begging Trump to get involved in the race, Kleefisch’s dreams were slashed two weeks ago when he instead urged New Jersey resident Sean Duffy to run. A Trump-backed campaign against Kleefisch would “scramble” the race and potentially doom her bid.

See below for a recap of Radical Rebecca’s brutal week.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Rebecca Kleefisch says Republicans need to ‘hire mercenaries’ to win 2022 race for Wisconsin governor

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Macco backtracks, says he isn’t working with Hovde on whether to get in the race for governor

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Milwaukee Journal Sentine: ‘As dumb as a bag of hammers’: Kevin Nicholson goes after fellow Republican Rebecca Kleefisch on ‘ballot harvesting’ strategy

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