MADISON, Wis. — Today, state Rep. Sara Rodriguez, President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin Pat Raes, and health care professionals from the SEIU hit back against Rebecca Kleefisch’s failure to provide a plan for combating the COVID-19 pandemic – the number one crisis facing the state and the country.

Kleefisch has been radical and reckless with the pandemic since last year – she’s supported bogus treatments for COVID-19, attended and promoted potential super spreader events, and spoke to anti-vaccine groups. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin launched a TV advertisement against Kleefisch’s radical record on COVID-19 last week. 

Click here to see the full press conference.

State Rep. Sara Rodriguez: “Too many Republicans put politics before lives and livelihoods. Republicans in the state legislature have undermined Governor Evers’ every effort to implement common sense solutions to the pandemic. We’ve lost too many Wisconsinites and too much time – we can’t afford a governor who doesn’t take the pandemic seriously.”

Pat Raes, Registered Nurse at Meriter Hospital and President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin: “Please Ms. Kleefisch, on behalf of all frontline nurses and the families who have lost loved ones — stop promoting misinformation, stop pandering to anti-vaccine groups, and stop holding events all over our state without public health precautions, because you’re putting Wisconsinites’ lives at risk.”

Amanda Klinge, Registered Nurse at UW Health: “As nurses, we need to know we’re protected, supported and heard by our officials. Governor Evers has steadfastly listened to us and provided that support, while Kleefisch has ignored nurses, our families, and our patients every step of the way.” 

Tammy Schutz, Resident Assistant at Oakwood: “This is deeply personal for me, because Kleefisch’s immoral actions are disrespectful, putting me, my coworkers and my residents at risk. She is a threat to the health and future of our state, and cannot be allowed to become governor.”

More background on Rebecca Kleefisch’s dangerous record is also available at

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