(MADISON) — After playing political games with federal aid and publicly announcing their plans to completely gut Gov. Tony Evers’ budget plan, Republican leaders sent the governor a letter asking for a meeting on how he plans to spend the rest of the American Rescue Plan funding.


Republicans have no plans to meet with the governor in good faith: Robin Vos and Devin LaMahieu indicated last week they plan to cut every last popular program from the governor’s budget, including Medicaid expansion and funding for pandemic unemployment benefits. They’ve also tried, and failed, to spend American Rescue Plan funding in ways that may not be permitted under federal law – potentially slowing down relief to small businesses and struggling Wisconsinites.


While Republicans play political games with the budget and write letters to someone who works just down the hall, Gov. Evers is getting relief out the door quickly – he has already announced $600 million in small business relief, with plans to distribute more relief soon.


“What a waste of paper – Republicans aren’t seriously interested in meeting when they’ve already made up their minds to gut spending that supports Wisconsin families. This letter is just another one of their bizarre political stunts,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Nellie Sires. “While Robin Vos and Devin LaMaheiu continue to jeopardize the state’s economic recovery, Gov. Evers is trying to get money out the door and into the hands of Wisconsinites as quickly as possible. Republicans’ top priority is their own politics; Gov. Evers’ top priority is the state of Wisconsin.”

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