MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin is building back better thanks to Gov. Evers quickly distributing  American Rescue Plan funds for broadband expansion, small business relief, the tourism industry, and rural health services. This critical pandemic relief was passed by President Biden and Democrats in Congress — and was unanimously opposed by GOP lawmakers. Despite voting against the federal relief and attempting to slow down relief distribution in the state legislature, Wisconsin Republicans are all too eager to take credit for the ARP’s clear success in Wisconsin.

In fact, some of the most vocal opponents of the bill are going as far as to take credit for the benefits funded by the ARP. Take a look at failed Congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden and Representative Tom Tiffany (WI-07):

Just a few months later, both Republicans hosted a round table with local business owners touting the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. The Restaurant Revitalization Fund provided vital funds to businesses most impacted by the pandemic. This relief was funded by — drum roll, please — the American Rescue Plan.

Despite Tiffany and Van Orden’s stark opposition to the deal, their communities are now using the funds to build back better from this pandemic:

  • Wausau is allocating federal funding to programs addressing homelessness that will expand affordable housing programs and support local businesses,
  • La Crosse is providing grants to nonprofit organizations, and
  • Eau Claire allocated millions in ARP funds to their pandemic response.  

The hypocrisy continues with Representative Glenn Grothman (WI-06). Grothman touted both the stimulus checks and restaurant relief funds that were funded by the American Rescue Plan despite — you guessed it — voting against the “tremendous influx of resources.”

“Wisconsin Republicans like state Reps. Clint Moses,  Rob Summerfield, Samantha Kerkman, and state Sen. Van Wanggaard are quick to tout the relief that Democrats provided but that their party tried to block,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler. “It turns out, voting against critical relief in a pandemic made worse by the GOP spreading misinformation and outright lies is bad policy and bad politics — and Wisconsin families have had enough of Republicans’ obstructionism and hypocrisy. Make no mistake: every single Democrat in Congress voted for President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, and Governor Evers has implemented it — while every single Republican voted against it. Come 2022, Wisconsinites will hold Republicans accountable at the ballot box.

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