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(MADISON) — Last night, in response to the election of Dr. Jill Underly as Wisconsin’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos tweeted, “Count me as someone who isn’t going to support putting another nickel into this unaccountable state bureaucracy.”

In response, DPW spokesperson Joe Oslund said, “After claiming for years to support robust investments in our schools, including his infamous 2019 promise to restore Wisconsin’s historic two-thirds funding commitment for public schools, Robin Vos now appears to have gone back on his word with a bizarre, late-night threat to block funding for our education system. As our state rebuilds from this pandemic and our schools fully reopen for in-person learning, Wisconsin’s families deserve to know whether Speaker Vos intends to launch a petty political attack on our schools in response to another election that didn’t go his way.”

Roughly 15 minutes after posting his initial threat to block funding for our schools, Vos attempted to clarify his threat with a second tweet, writing “I didnt say defend [sic] schools,  I said no more money for Madison bureaucrats who only answer to the teachers union…”

“Last night’s erratic Twitter tantrum shows just how far Robin Vos is willing to go when he doesn’t get his way,” Oslund added. “Speaker Vos, who was recently re-elected by less than 20,000 voters in a gerrymandered district, should think carefully about undermining the will of the more than half a million Wisconsinites who elected Dr. Jill Underly to lead our state’s schools. If he is still determined to launch another one of his trademark power grabs, then Speaker Vos should immediately clarify for Wisconsin’s families which part of our school system he intends to punish in response to voters once again making a decision he disagrees with.”

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