MADISON, Wis. — Thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Wisconsin’s cities and towns are preparing for an influx of jobs and a boost to their local economies as investments to update the state’s roads and bridges, clean water infrastructure, and expanded broadband are put into effect. While Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass this transformative legislation, Ron Johnson fought to kill the bill, going so far as to warn people to “beware of bipartisanship” and that he was “praying” for gridlock to stop the bill’s passage. Johnson stood in the way of what is best for Wisconsin despite admitting that he never even read the legislation.


“Ron Johnson’s top priority in Washington is to fulfill his self-serving agenda that only enriches himself and leaves the rest of Wisconsin behind,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman. “Johnson has worked overtime to pass bills that help his bottomline, but can’t be bothered to support, or even read, transformative bipartisan legislation that will put Wisconsinites to work and be a boon to the state’s economy.”




Infrastructure Projects

Expanding Broadband

Clean Water

Public Transportation

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