Madison, Wis. — Senator Ron Johnson has spent the last week in hot water after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found in 2017 that he paid virtually nothing in state income taxes and tape came to light of him saying the top 1% pay their fair share in taxes while talking to a Wisconsin truck driver.

Despite mounting criticism, Johnson has blatantly refused to tell Wisconsinites why he paid the same amount as a Wisconsin family making $40,000 a year, while reporting nearly half a million dollars in income.

Instead, Johnson defended how much himself and the wealthiest 1% pay in taxes to a Wisconsin truck driver who was negatively impacted by the GOP tax bill.

During a telephone town hall, a Wisconsin truck driver told Johnson that because of the 2017 tax bill he championed she had seen her taxes go up and asked when he was going to do something to help lower the tax burden of working people. Johnson’s response to the hard working Wisconsinite — who noted she spends up to 300 days on the road making ends meet — was that he and the rest of the 1% already pay their “fair share,” and he has done what he could.

“Ron Johnson is in the Senate to only enrich himself and the ultra wealthy, not work on behalf of Wisconsinites like this truck driver whose taxes he voted to raise,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman said. “Johnson can try to hide his shady dealings all he wants, but Wisconsinites know Johnson can’t be trusted to stand up for them as he focuses on his self-serving agenda.”

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