SHOT: Over the course of the pandemic, Wisconsin Republicans have relentlessly undermined the advice of public health and medical professionals by spreading dangerous misinformation, flouting necessary safety protocols, and attempting to block leaders like Gov. Evers from protecting Wisconsinites.

 The Washington Post: Republicans maneuver to block vaccine mandates, undercutting a policy widely seen as an effective tool to end pandemic

  • Beyond mandates, Republican lawmakers have also stayed largely silent in the face of rampant vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories… Other high-profile Republicans have been harbingers of vaccine misinformation themselves, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

CBS Milwaukee: Wisconsin doctors ask Sen. Johnson to stop push for Ivermectin as COVID-19 cure

  • “It shames me to see our senator pushing false cures and conspiracy theories when we know how to prevent this disease,” said Dr. Rebecca Beach, a family medicine physician in Richland Center. “Physicians in Wisconsin and across the country have been working overtime for the past year and a half to treat COVID and to try to figure out how to best deal with it when someone does fall ill, including using ventilators when they are needed to save lives — when they sometimes are the only thing that can save a life. Sen. Johnson, who is not a doctor, is trying to undermine this work, and I find that frustrating beyond belief.” 

CHASER: In sharp contrast, even as they’ve been met with a chorus of unhinged conspiracy theories and blatant disregard for science, President Biden and Gov. Evers are carrying out a strategic and informed pandemic response — and voters are supportive of and thankful for their leadership.

 Monmouth University Polling Institute: Majority Back Vaccine, Mask Mandates

  • A majority of Americans support the vaccine mandates announced by President Joe Biden last week amid rising concerns about the chance of catching Covid. According to the Monmouth (“Mon-muth”) University Poll, the public also supports instituting guidelines for masking and social distancing in their state as well as requiring people to show proof of vaccination for certain activities, such as boarding an airplane or going to the office.

 Morning Consult: White House’s COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates Have the Support of About 3 in 5 Americans

  • The poll shows that while 58 percent of U.S. adults are in favor of vaccination mandates or weekly testing for employees at businesses with at least 100 workers — a key tenet of the new plan — there’s a massive partisan gap, with 80 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of Republicans supporting such a requirement.
  • Most Americans also back other major pieces of the new plan: 62 percent are in favor of encouraging states to require COVID-19 vaccinations for all school employees; 60 percent support a vaccination mandate for most health care workers without the ability to opt out through regular testing; and 56 percent support the same rule for most federal workers and contractors.

Fox News: Fox News Poll: Majorities favor mask and vaccine mandates as pandemic worries increase

  • Majorities support mask and vaccine mandates advocated by the Biden administration, as the coronavirus pandemic remains a top concern, according to the latest Fox News poll.
  • Sizable majorities believe face masks (69%) and vaccines (65%) are effective and favor a range of mandates and requirements.
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