Madison, Wis. — The Wisconsin State Journal’s Editorial Board issued a scathing rebuke of Michael Gableman and called on him to “give it up” and “go home.”


From the beginning, Gableman’s sham “investigation” has been centered around the Big Lie and justifying the WI GOP’s voter suppression bills. Not only did Gableman claim in November that the 2020 election was “stolen,” but he’s also hired a former Trump White House attorney, sent election clerks cryptic emails from an unsecured Gmail accounttook inspiration from the MyPillow guy, admitted he doesn’t understand how elections work, and made hateful comments on far-right radio.


The State Journal’s editorial, which comes on the heels of the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau confirming that the 2020 election was “safe and secure,” said Gableman needs to end his “ham-handed investigation.” It’s a waste of taxpayer funds.


Read the Wisconsin State Journal’s scathing editorial below.


Wisconsin State Journal: Give it up, Gableman

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