MADISON, Wis. — It comes as no surprise that Ron Johnson continues to be mired in scandal, given that he started his political career off with a scandal over the huge payday he gave himself from his company.


In 2010, Johnson loaned his campaign $9 million and soon after declaring victory, had his company hand him $10 million in “deferred compensation.” Johnson outright admitted that “he alone” decided the company should give him the massive payout, and when asked why by a reporter stated, in part, “I don’t have to explain it any further to someone like you.


Since being elected, Johnson’s likely wealth has increased by at least 115%. This is, in part, due to his role changing the 2017 tax bill in a way that benefited him and his biggest donors. Johnson has made it a habit to game the system, including paying virtually nothing in state income taxes in 2017, despite reporting nearly half a million dollars in income.


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