Madison, Wis. — As Wisconsin families continue to feel the positive impact of the historic middle class tax cuts passed by President Biden and Congressional Democrats, Ron Johnson, who voted against tax cuts that will help roughly 1,000,000 Wisconsin children, stating it would be “social or economic engineering,” instead continues to brag about the tax break he spearheaded in the 2017 GOP tax scam bill that benefited himself and his two biggest donors.


“But I still thought, well, the successful, the larger pass-throughs, also need to be treated fairly. So kind of held out, in the end we got some measure of accommodation, but it wasn’t permanent.” — Ron Johnson on WTMJ’s Money Talks, 9/11/21


Johnson has been facing harsh criticism following reports revealing that the provision in 2017 GOP tax scam he continues to tout not only benefited the company he owned at the time, it also gave his two of his biggest campaign donors more than $200 million in tax breaks.


“Ron Johnson tried to kill tax cuts for hard working Wisconsin families after working overtime to change the 2017 GOP tax scam bill that gave himself and his wealthiest donors hundreds of millions of dollars in massive tax handouts; we know exactly where his loyalties are,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman said. “Wisconsinites know they can’t trust Ron Johnson to stand up for them and will hold him accountable next November.”

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