Madison, Wis. — Tonight Senator Ron Johnson voted against critical government funding measures and put the U.S. economy at risk by leading the charge to block a debt ceiling increase.


“Instead of doing what is best for Wisconsin and the country, Senator Johnson is adding to the dysfunction and divisiveness in DC by playing self-serving political games,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman said. “It’s simple: Wisconsinites elected Senator Johnson to do a job and by refusing to fund the government he is failing to do that job. Johnson’s political games have real life consequences for the Wisconsinites he is supposed to serve, but he couldn’t care less because it won’t be him suffering.”


The impact of not raising the debt ceiling could be:

  • Cost 6 millions jobs
  • Upwards of $15 trillion in household wealth could be lost
  • $20 billion in Social Security payments for the disabled and elderly population would be put in jeopardy
  • Military and federal employees would be at risk of not receiving their paychecks

Despite the pain this could cause Wisconsinites, Johnson circulated a pledge calling on his GOP colleagues to refuse to work with Democrats on raising the debt ceiling.


This is not the first time that Johnson has put his political games ahead of what is best for Wisconsin: Johnson voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, both of which will be a boon for Wisconsin’s economy.

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