MADISON, Wis. — As Governor Tony Evers continues to stand against voter suppression bills in Wisconsin, the Biden administration announced this week that Vice President Kamala Harris would be leading the White House’s efforts to protect voting rights and strengthen our democracy. As Republicans in state legislatures across the country attempt to pass voter suppression bills, including in Wisconsin, Democrats are working to ensure that all Americans can cast a ballot and have their vote counted.

Wisconsin’s GOP lawmakers have proposed at least fourteen election-related bills aimed at limiting absentee voting and targeting nonpartisan election workers. Recently, state Assembly Leader Robin Vos even announced he was launching a taxpayer-funded investigation into nonexistent voter fraud into the 2020 election, all to sow doubt in our election system and attempt to justify these voter suppression bills. Vos even chose a retired detective with extensive Republican ties to lead his “investigation.” As Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler said on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is the last line of defense against this “dastardly plot.”

Our Democratic leaders will not stand by when confronted with any effort that keeps Wisconsinites from voting. Gov. Evers has vowed to veto the GOP’s voter suppression bills, and has proposed measures in his Badger Bounceback budget to ensure every Wisconsinite has access to the ballot box, including automatic voter registration, a voter bill of rights, and reimbursing localities for holding special elections.

In the coming weeks, Vice President Harris will work to help strengthen and uplift efforts on voting rights nationwide, and to help advance the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act in Congress.

“Together, our state and federal Democratic leaders are fighting back against the GOP’s efforts to roll back voter protections and undermine our elections,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “Vice President Kamala Harris and Gov. Tony Evers will always fight to make voting accessible to every Wisconsinite, and to ensure every vote is counted through a free, fair, and transparent process.”

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