Madison, Wis. — Following Donald Trump’s endorsement of Sean Duffy last weekend, Rebecca Kleefisch went radio silent. Literally — she hasn’t appeared on conservative radio, or on any news outlet since Trump snubbed her campaign.

Kleefisch excitedly asked for Trump’s opinion when she announced her gubernatorial run, saying, “I hope that Donald Trump gets involved in this race.” Endorsing one of her political rivals is probably not what Kleefisch had in mind. Trump drafting another candidate doesn’t come from a lack of effort on Kleefisch’s part — she has embraced the Big Lie, refused to rule out overturning election results, and embraced Trump’s do-nothing approach to COVID-19.

Likely making Kleefisch even more nervous — Duffy is now reportedly considering a bid.

“Despite being the most extreme candidate and begging Trump to ‘get involved’ in the race, Rebecca Kleefisch missed out on the Trump endorsement she so desperately wanted,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Kayla Anderson. “Now that she’s being forced to eat her words and potentially facing a very expensive and nasty primary fight, Kleefisch is dodging the media. She can’t avoid questions forever. At some point, Kleefisch — and now perhaps New Jersey’s newest resident, Sean Duffy — will have to answer for their radical records.”

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