MADISON, Wis. — As Wisconsinites across the state celebrate the passage of the infrastructure bill that will make transformative federal investments in the state’s roads and bridges, clean water infrastructure, and expanding broadband, they are reminded of how Senator Ron Johnson callously voted against and tried to kill the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“Ron Johnson once again put his self interests ahead of Wisconsin, failing to do his job in DC by  doing everything in his power to kill this transformative legislation that will create good paying jobs and bolster our economy,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman said. “Ron Johnson is wasting Wisconsinites’ time with his self-serving partisan games instead of focusing on delivering real change for our state.”

Johnson has been against the bipartisan infrastructure bill from the outset, despite admitting he never read the legislation. Johnson went so far as to warn people to “beware of bipartisanship” and that he was “praying” for gridlock to stop the bill’s passage. Earlier this month, union leaders blasted Johnson for looking out for himself and Wisconsinites:

AFL-CIO State President Stephanie Bloomingdale:

  • “Who we are not going to clap for today, is Senator Ron Johnson, who turned his back on Wisconsin. He turned his back on Wisconsin people who want to be able to drive on good roads. Ron Johnson turned his back on people that don’t want bridges falling down on them because they haven’t been repaired in so long. Ron Johnson turned his back on all the kids who need broadband to be able to have a decent education.”

Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden:

  • “Gridlock is not a good thing, we need to work together to make this country stronger, not weaker. It’s been frustrating working with Senator Johnson while he’s been in office … We really need to have someone who is willing to get to DC and work for the people, not the corporations. Senator Johnson throughout his time in the Senate has not been in favor of most Wisconsinites — we’re looking at a senator who is really not doing their job.”

SCFL President Kevin Gundlach:

  • “We’ve been waiting years for this type of investment in our infrastructure and in Wisconsin — this is going to be transformational for so many people who will see their lives transformed and our state will be better off for it. It’s really disheartening to see Senator Johnson try to kill this legislation that would help so many Wisconsinites. From not reading the bill to rooting for gridlock — that’s not what the people of Wisconsin want and we know Senator Johnson does not have our best interests at heart. Senator Johnson has been failing to do his job because he’s too busy…enriching himself and his biggest donors.”
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