On GIS Day, November 17, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) recognizes the role Geographic Information Systems plays in providing Wisconsin residents and businesses with tools to inform, plan, make better decisions and solve problems.

From maps locating the state’s road construction projects to picturesque Rustic Roads, WisDOT applies user-friendly, interactive GIS technology to make transportation data readily available and understandable.

“Our GIS mapping program is a great example of how WisDOT is applying innovative technology to improve Wisconsin’s transportation system,” WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson said. “Whether it’s our dynamic highway signs keeping motorists safe, our hotspot analysis to identify dangerous intersections, or the use of special sensor trucks to monitor pavement conditions, technology is part of WisDOT’s commitment to continuous improvement for the people of Wisconsin.”

Growing list of GIS services

WisDOT recently launched WisDOT Maps. Maps available through this portal are interactive. They allow users to zoom in and out, add data layers, print and export maps, sort and filter data, and perform other actions.

One of WisDOT’s newest and most popular maps, Rustic Roads, makes locating these unique, beautiful Wisconsin roads even easier. Using this GIS map, travelers can search for a Rustic Road by county, community, road name or number. The interactive map also provides detailed descriptions of the road.

Transportation Improvement Program maps that include information about planned improvement projects for the next two and six years are helpful tools for local communities and businesses. These maps include basic information about projects: work type, route, project limits and cost range.

Current interactive maps available include:

o   Adopt-a-Highway

o   Asphalt Pricing

o   Culvert Inventory

o   Disadvantaged Businesses

o   Roundabouts

o   Rustic Roads

o   Transportation Improvement Program

o   Traffic Counts (TCMap)

o   Seasonal Weight Restrictions

o   WI State Highway Curb Ramps and Sidewalks

In addition to the transportation related maps, WisDOT provides GIS data (for use with GIS software and other mapping tools) free of charge through WisDOT GIS Open Data. This self-service website gives viewers the capability to access and use WisDOT’s authoritative GIS data in various formats.

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