[Madison, WI] – In case you missed it, 18 months into COVID-19, Tony Evers is still failing to deliver Wisconsinites the unemployment benefits that they were promised. For months, reports have revealed the extent of the Wisconsin DWD’s failures under Evers’ leadership — including the Legislative Audit Bureau report showing that only 10 percent of unemployment appeals have been decided within a month.

Meanwhile, Tony Evers continues to mislead the public as his administration purports that they have “cleared the backlog of claims,” yet over 16,000 Wisconsinites are still waiting for their appeals to be adjudicated. Instead of helping the Wisconsinites whose jobs he helped crush by implementing costly lockdowns, Tony Evers continues to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist as he even ignores requests for information from elected officials.

The fact that Tony Evers still continues to point fingers and do nothing to resolve this crisis reveals his complete disregard for the Wisconsinites who are suffering as a direct result of his mismanagement.

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