June 29, 2021
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Wisconsin Local Leaders Support Biden Plan, Call on Congress to “Go Big” on Investment in Infrastructure, Climate, Jobs, and Justice

WISCONSIN—As President Joe Biden today visited La Crosse to highlight the benefits of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, local leaders across Wisconsin are calling on Congress to support the president’s bold jobs and economic investments that respond to the multiple challenges facing our communities.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Eau Claire Senior Planner Ned Noel, La Crosse Mayor Mitch Reynolds, and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway released the following statement on behalf of the Wisconsin Local Government Climate Coalition:

“The success or failure of America’s economic recovery and climate leadership will be determined by the scale and ambition of investments made and actions taken by this Congress—and now is the time to go big.

“The climate change and clean energy investments included in the American Jobs Plan can help our communities overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild the economy, while we also reverse growing inequality, reduce pollution, and make necessary down payments in tackling the climate crisis.

“Congress must work with President Biden to deliver on his bold agenda for the American people without delay. Facing deep economic insecurity, polluted air and water, and climate disasters, millions of people across the country urgently need solutions as big as the crises we face.

“Here in Wisconsin, there are 198 bridges and over 1,949 miles of highway in need of repair. We have 82,000 Wisconsin children who didn’t have access to reliable internet in the midst of a year of remote schooling. And communities throughout the state and nationwide still get their drinking water from sources contaminated by PFAS and dangerous lead service lines.

“The President’s plan will repair our crumbling infrastructure, ensure reliable broadband regardless of zip code, and invest in clean and safe drinking water for every community, while also creating good-paying jobs that boost our local economies.

“But these investments must be coupled with climate action. We urge Congress to modernize our infrastructure and adopt strong climate change and clean energy investments to help states and local governments respond to the very real threats posed by climate change. Our communities–representing one out of three Wisconsinites and every geographic region—have come to understand that climate change poses severe risks to our communities and that we cannot avoid the worst effects of climate change without effective national and state policy.

“We stand ready to work together to promptly win the comprehensive economic renewal that our communities need, building on the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. This is our moment to build a new economy with justice and prosperity for every community and a livable planet for future generations. It is time to go big for the American people.”

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