MADISON – Representative Jesse James (R – Altoona) released the weekly radio address on  behalf of Wisconsin Legislative Republicans. 

Assembly Republicans were proud to introduce a legislative package of bills that supports our  law enforcement officers. From recruitment and relocation, to retention and recreation, this  package aims to address the struggles that departments are facing all across Wisconsin. 

Currently there are less than 14,000 law enforcement officers in our state, with only 766  entering the profession last year – the fewest in a decade. Retirements are up 45 percent,  resignations are up 18 percent, and local governments state that policing jobs are the hardest to  fill.  

Beyond the recruitment crisis, communities throughout Wisconsin have experienced a greater  risk of crime. Last year, Wisconsin outpaced the rest of the nation with nearly a 9 percent  increase in violent crimes.  

The city of Milwaukee is ranked in the top 10 most dangerous cities, and has broken its homicide  record for the second straight year. For cities like Minneapolis that wish to defund their police,  Wisconsin wants to welcome those good, qualified officers. 

Contact Governor Evers asking him to support these bills. Not only will it help law enforcement  officers, it will help create safer and stronger communities for everyone. 

Audio: Radio Address 01.05.2022.wav


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