MADISON – Representative Bob Wittke (R – Racine) released the weekly radio address on behalf of Wisconsin Legislative Republicans.

Currently, too many of our friends in the restaurant industry face challenges staffing their operations. So as Wisconsin continues to improve economically, let’s not stand on the sidelines while our small business owners — specifically restaurant owners — succumb to ruin.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants helped cover the basics of running a business: payroll, mortgages, rent payments, utilities, maintenance expenses, and supplies including food and beverage expenses.

But under current Wisconsin law, these grants are taxable. My bill would allow for an income and franchise tax exemption for those restaurant owners who received a Restaurant Revitalization Fund grant.

The federal government has already adopted these changes; my bill would conform Wisconsin law to federal tax law for these grants.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund was a lifeline for restaurants to help stay in business and retain their employees; it would be a step backward in recovery if we now tax these emergency lifelines.

These are the types of bills that go a long way in our districts. I am proud to help restaurants around Wisconsin stay in business.

I would like to thank the Restaurant Association who brought me this legislation and recommend that all of my constituents visit their local restaurants at least once a week.

Thank you.

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