Audio File of Radio Address

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today delivered the Democratic Radio Address highlighting his plan announced earlier today to use a portion of the recently announced state revenue surplus funds to address rising costs facing Wisconsin families while defraying costs for caregiving and childcare that present barriers to employment.

Hi folks, Governor Evers here.

I’m proud of our work to make smart decisions with your tax dollars, get folks back to work, and keep more money in your pockets by signing one of the largest tax cuts in Wisconsin history.

Now, Wisconsin has the lowest unemployment rate and the fewest people unemployed ever, and the largest positive GAAP balance in our general fund in state history. And just this week we received more good news—new projections show that Wisconsin has a $3.8 billion surplus in our general fund, which is great for our state and our economy.

At the same time, I also know folks and families are concerned about rising costs at the checkout line and gas pump, and businesses face challenges getting supplies and resources and filling job openings.

Because of our tax cuts and changes I directed, many Wisconsinites could already see hundreds more in their paychecks this year, but we can do more to help folks across our state. And we can’t wait until the next budget to address these challenges—Wisconsinites need relief now.

Today, I announced my plan to send every Wisconsin resident $150 to help defray rising costs families are experiencing, which would ensure a family of four could receive $600 to help make ends meet.

We also know that accessing childcare and caregiver support continues to be a barrier to employment in Wisconsin. That’s why we’re also investing over $130 million in targeted tax relief through child and caregiver tax credits to support working families and help make sure that affording childcare and caring for a loved one aren’t barriers to finding work.

My plan puts even more money in your pockets, bolsters our workforce by providing targeted relief to help families with the costs of childcare and caregiving, and makes robust investments in our kids and our schools without raising property taxes.

We’ve worked hard to get our state into a good fiscal position, and that means we have the resources to help folks and families across our state.

There’s no time to waste. Let’s get it done, folks.

Thank you.

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