Hi I’m State Senator Roger Roth.

This week Senator Darling and I introduced a package of legislation to put children and their parents first by reforming our state’s education system.

Wisconsin has been known for its education innovation and excellence. But today, increased scrutiny and parental involvement in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for fundamental educational reforms while presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a course correction.

Our legislation addresses the growing demand from parents to tailor their children’s individual education, establish accountability, and encourage collaboration with educators. We establish a parental bill of rights, make it easier to approve and replicate high-performing charter schools, and reform the failing Milwaukee Public School district into smaller community districts.

Parents should have the ultimate say in their child’s education, including which school to attend. That’s why we are advocating to open school choice to all Wisconsin families — allowing parents to seek additional educational options for their kids.

While many schools and teachers do a good job, we must not leave children stuck in failing schools. Let’s empower Moms and Dads to make individual choices best suited for their families.​

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