Hello, this is Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

On Tuesday night, Governor Evers gave his annual State of the State Address, and for the first time in many years, I think we can all agree Wisconsin is on the right track.

While the Republicans who control the Legislature ignored the Pandemic, the Governor stepped up and made the tough decisions. And now Wisconsinites have returned to work in record numbers, resulting in the lowest unemployment rate in state history. The Governor signed a budget that delivered 480 million in tax relief for Wisconsin businesses and families. And we are projected to start the next biennium with a 3.8 billion dollar surplus.

Governor Evers invested $1 billion dollars in key industries like small businesses, farming, tourism, lodging, and entertainment. He directed $100 million to support more than 20,000 farmers in our state and invested $100 million to expand broadband access to more than 110,000 Wisconsinites.

The future of Wisconsin remains bright thanks to the hard work of the Governor and the Democrats in the legislature who have supported him every step of the way.

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