Hi.  I’m State Senator Alberta Darling.

Our state is facing a crisis in our schools. More than 50% of kids in our state are failing in math and English language arts.

As test scores continue to fall, Democrats are making it clear they will do whatever they can to stop parents from having a say in their child’s education.

Republicans believe every child deserves a chance to have a quality education, no matter where they live or how much their parents earn.

That’s why we introduced the Empowering Parents Agenda. It’s made up of seven bills that put parents and their children first.

Our bills will make it easier to see how your school is performing, provide parents with more choices to pick the best school for their kids, and gives taxpayers more accountability on how their money is spent.

There is a clear divide going on in our country right now. Republicans are siding with parents and their kids.

The time is now to put children and families first because we can no longer afford to lose another generation of students.

Republicans are going to do what is right for kids, parents, and the future of Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin!

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