Hello, this is State Senator Jon Erpenbach with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

This week we received a report both based on lies, and full of lies, regarding the 2020 election, from former Justice Michael Gableman. That report’s conclusion has bipartisan opposition, serves absolutely zero purpose and really was a national embarrassment.

But Republicans did spend over a half million dollars of our taxpayers’ money in an effort to sow doubt about our elections process.

Mr. Gableman disparaged and called for the replacement of actual public servants who did, in fact, run a free, fair and secure election. And who do, in fact, know how elections work – unlike Mr. Gableman.

The report made baseless claims, and its chief complaint seems to be that an awful lot of eligible Wisconsinites exercised their RIGHT to vote. Make no mistake, the goal of this cluster was to make it harder to vote next time, and easier to throw your vote away.

Republicans need to end this farce and stop wasting our taxpayers’ dollars.​

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