Hello, this is Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

This week we had an opportunity to invest in our state’s future thanks to a historic surplus. Unfortunately, Republicans chose to play politics instead of work for the people of Wisconsin and gaveled in and out of the Governor’s special session.

Republicans’ stunt this week and their inaction over this session year has left us with nothing but a laundry list of missed opportunities.

Families shouldn’t have to wait until the next biennial budget passes to get relief. That’s why Democrats want to return part of the projected $3.8 billion surplus back to where it belongs: the people of Wisconsin.

This isn’t about simply giving money back, it’s about fixing the real challenges facing our state. The people of Wisconsin want more public education funding, Medicaid expansion, broadband expansion, and access to affordable childcare.

While Republicans are hoarding taxpayers’ money, Democrats will continue fighting to help address the challenges our state is facing and put this money toward the people who need it the most.

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