Hi, this is Senator Melissa Agard with this week’s Democratic radio address.

Wisconsin’s spring elections are less than three weeks away, on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Unfortunately, we’re hearing from friends and neighbors who are worried about their ability to cast their vote. Please don’t be discouraged by all the press reports about the Republicans’ lawsuits, their attempts to undermine election results, and the bills they passed that try and make it harder for people to vote, especially people with disabilities and individuals who live in nursing homes and other group settings. But the law is clear: residents of long-term care facilities have the same right to vote as any other citizen.

If you know of any voter experiencing barriers to voting because of a disability, including returning their absentee ballot, please have them call their Municipal Clerk, explain the situation, and ask for a disability-related accommodation. All polling places must be accessible to voters with disabilities, including the option to vote from the curb of their polling place.

My Democratic colleagues and I are proud to stand with Governor Evers to protect and defend the voting rights of all Wisconsinites and to ensure our elections are more accessible and inclusive – not more restrictive.

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